The Korean Martial Arts Association was formed in June 2000. It is the governing body for the Korean Kickboxing Association Wales and England. Since its creation the association has evolved and adapted within the rapidly changing world of Martial arts. The organisation is headed by founder Master Chris Sparkes. Collectively the senior instructors have instilled quality and direction throughout the organisation which has enabled it to flourish and grow into the success that it is today.

The Association boasts many World, European, British and Welsh Champions on the Competition front and is developing a formidable reputaion on the Full contact scene.

Master Christopher sparkes started martial arts at an early age in Swansea, where he trained in Wado Ryu karate and judo. At 16 years old he took up taekwondo with the United Kingdom Taekwondo Association (UKTA), trained to black belt and by the time he was 20 had his own club in Carmarthen, West Wales.


Chris was in the Taekwondo Association of Great Britain (TAGB) Welsh squad for many years, fighting as their heavyweight in two world championships and many other international events, also winning individual British and Welsh titles. He left the TAGB for the Great Britain Taekwondo Association (GBTA) and fought for them in the Clash of the Titans.


At that time he started a new association called the United Taekwondo Association of Wales (UTAW) bringing a taekwondo master from Holland to legitimise black belt gradings and to increase technical skills. In a few years UTAW had grown substantially and was winning international team events against England, Ireland and Holland. Chris went on to coach the UTAW squad to win the Clash of the Titans three times and to become European team champions. His was the first taekwondo association to successfully take on all styles and lead the way for others to follow.


Chris was always involved in full contact kickboxing and promoted many events over the years, In 2000 he decided to start another association, the Korean Kickboxing Association of Wales and that has grown to possibly the largest in Wales at this time. Master Chris Sparkes has trained many world champions, his willingness to take on the odds has been an inspiration to many over the years.


Master Chris Sparkes